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Mam@ju's Little Precious

Jun 3, 2009

something to update about ..

So eda's, here are my answer.. Where is your cell phone? bawah bantal... Relationship? married.. Your hair? panjang dan keguguran.. Work? a full-time housewife Your sister? i hv 4 'big' sisters.. Your favorite thing?? surfing, scrapbooking,blogging and tiduring... Your dream last night? mimpi nabil ngan irma tgh masak..!! tah hapa2 tah... Your favorite drink? coffee n teh tarik... Your dream car? Black Lamborghini ... The room you’re in? Im in an airtight room..!! Your shoes? 7.. Your fears? sitting alone in htl room... What do you want to be in 10 years? duduk rumah besar bersama2 ank2 yg sedang membesar dan jadi mem besar.. Who did you hang out with this weekend? my familiar... What are you not good at? Reply comment ..!! hahahaha...Nobody is not good enough. One of your wish list items? big bungalow.... Where you grew up? ampang... Last thing you did? masak laksa... What are you wearing? Tshirt and pink legging... What aren’t you wearing? condom.!! Your pet? dont't have any right now... but would like to have a cat in the future. ... Your computer?? DELL and ACER... Your life? simple,sweet and harmonist... Your mood?
Missing? MyEm0.Com...????

What are you thinking about right now??

Im thinking to download some free scrapbooking from internet...

Your car? Toyota Alphard...MyEm0.Com Your kitchen? clean and tidy... Your summer? MyEm0.Com ( actually i have no idea about this..ngeh3x.) Your favorite color? pink black red Last time you laughed? today.. Last time you cried? last Friday... School? ARGS.. Love? Allah.. Done,finished...MyEm0.Com

love mam@ju..